Two Upcoming Events

Due to Covid our fellowship has been quiet for a while. Hopefully we can get that turned around this year.

On February 27 the Victory Baptist Church of Hanover will be holding their annual Men of Victory Conference. Please visit their website for more information:

*** I asked Pastor Myers about his Covid-10 precautions policy and he replied that he wanted people to attend and he wanted people to do whatever makes them comfortable. They have no written policy.


“Hope Thou in God”
Sunday March 14 through Wednesday March 17, 2021.
On Sunday March 14, Dr. Roger Green of Middletown OH will be speaking at 8:30 am 9:45 am 10:45 am. and 6 pm
On Monday March 15th, Dr. Mike Allison, pastor of  Madison Baptist Church, Madiso Alabama will be speaking at 7:00 pm. and Dr. Green at 8 pm.
On Tuesday March 16th,  A Continental Breakfast will be served at 9:30 AM; Dr. Roger Green will speak at 10:00 and Dr. Allison at 11:00 AM, a free Lunch will be served at 12 Noon. The meeting will resume at 7 pm with Dr. Green and Dr. Allison will speak at 8 pm.
The Meeting will close on Wednesday evening with Dr. Green speaking at 7 pm.
The public is encouraged to attend.
Music for the conference will feature Fran Jones, Westminster Maryland and the Lighthouse Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra.
Lighthouse Baptist Church is located at
5005 Carlisle Road (Rt. 74)
(¾ mile north of Canal Road.)
Dover, PA
            For more information

** I asked Pastor Walsh about their Covid-19 precautions policy and he replied: We ask folks to wear a mask on the way in and out but most will remove them once they are settled in a seat. The room is big enough for folks to space themselves out. The room will have been sanitized and the seats wiped down.

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