March 20, Lighthouse Baptist in Dover

Our next fellowship meeting will be held in conjunction with the Spring Bible Conference at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Greater York (Dover).  The meeting will be held on TUESDAY March 20.  There will be a light breakfast at 9:30 and a luncheon at noon.  RSVP is appreciated.

10:00 AM – Dr. Max Barton, Panama City Florida

11:00 AM – Dr. Joe Arthur, Jonesboro Georgia


Lighthouse Baptist Church

5005 Carlisle Road

Dover, PA  17315


Lighthouse Baptist Church

One thought on “March 20, Lighthouse Baptist in Dover

  1. Once again I am unavailable. Seems to happen quite a bit this year. Mondays and Tuesdays are just prime time for me in the office.

    Thank you,

    Chris McAviney


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