Update on Milt Lambertson

Update from Larry Hendrickson on Milt Lambertson:

Pastor Lambertson did not get out of the hospital as planned. His doctors have decided that he should stay in until his bone marrow transplant. He will not need rides for blood work as I was originally told. His wife Joyce is going to need rides up to see him. Kim (daughter) has gone home and it will be very difficult for Joyce to drive up to Hershey. If some of our ladies could provide transport for Joyce it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Updated by Milt Lambertson:

* Discharged from Hershey Medical Center Cancer Institute last Saturday afternoon (April 23).

* Yesterday (April 25) had to be at Hershey Cancer Clinic for blood work [We are extremely thankful for our friend Bill who drove hours to come get me and take me to Hershey for my 8:30 a.m. appointment and then bring me home and do some repairs here.]

* Blood counts continue to grow up…especially white cell count.

* Next appointment: April 29 (1 p.m.)blood work and bone marrow biopsy

* May 9: blood work and appointment with primary oncologist.

Can’t be near large crowds…on meds…taking one day at a time. Pray that I will not have any issues like fevers, etc. One good thing guys…I don’t have to comb my hair and shave 😊…every day.

We are still overwhelmed with the kind encouraging cards, e-mails, calls, letters, the scrumptious, delicious food [from ladies of Bark Hill Bible Church & neighbors] and other ways of support and encouragement. May the Lord greatly bless all who have stood by us during this very trying time. We are still believing the Lord for complete healing. I/we are “chomping at the bits” to get back into the ministry of the Lord!!!!

Our love and blessings to all,

Pastor Milt & Joyce

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