Making Comments on the Website

One of the purposes of this website is to  provide a framework to encourage interaction and cooperation among the pastors, churches and other members of our fellowship.  Whenever possible, please encourage each other with your prayers, your support and even attendance at various church events (this is written with the understanding that distance can be prohibitive).

We can also encourage and interact with each other through this website.  While posts are made by Matt and Wes, comments are open to anyone.

How do I make a comment on this website?

  • Click on the “Leave a comment” link at the bottom of each post/page.
  • You will see four boxes.  Give your real name in the first box.
  • Give your email address in the second.  The email address is required, but it will not be visible to anyone visiting the site.
  • Include your website or your church’s website if you so desire.
  • Type your comments in the big box at the bottom.

Your comments will be held in a queue until the site administrators approve your comment.  Once you have made a comment, you will not have to await approval in the future.

Bear in mind that comments may be moderated.  Also, posts are automatically closed for comments sixty days after the original posting date (for the purpose of undesired spam comments; yes, blogs get spam too!).

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