The Manhattan Declaration

Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant evangelicals once again joined ecumenical hands at the end of September 2009 to create a document which articulates the modern church’s stance on the sanctity of human life, the defense of marriage, and the importance and nature of religious liberty.  Religious leaders around the world were asked to sign the document.

For what reason is this document important? The document blurs many distinctions, the least of which are denominational differences.  At stake in the declaration is the very heart of the Gospel, redemption only through the grace of God in Christ’s shed blood.  The declaration sets aside the doctrinal differences which identify denominational stances, making the Gospel secondary to issues peripheral to the Gospel.

While we in the HAPF would avoid such ecumenism, it is important that we know what others are thinking and saying about the issue.  To be truly informed is to hear both sides of the issue and then to draw Biblical conclusions for ourselves.  Links below have been provided to help our fellowship to remain informed about current issues and trends.  You may not agree with some of the positions represented in the links.  Your agreement/disagreement is not the central reason for the links.  These links are provided in the hope that your faith will be affirmed and strengthened and that you will be able to communicate more effectively to your congregations.  Take those things with which you agree with a grain of salt; take those things with which you disagree to sharpen your sword for ministry.  In all of these things, preach Christ crucified.

The Manhattan Declaration

Positions for the MD

Chuck Colson, one of the document’s original drafters

Albert Mohler

Ligon Duncan

Positions with applaud yet decline the MD

Doug Wilson at Blog and Mablog

Positions against the MD

Dave Doran has written several articles and related articles

John MacArthur

Alistair Begg

R. C. Sproul

James White

Frank Turk

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