Lighthouse Baptist Church Fall Bible Conference 2009

Lighthouse Baptist Church of Dover, PA will be hosting its annual Bible conference from September 13-15.  Click on the church name to go to the church website for directions and further information or call 717 – 292 – 5000.

Guest speakers will be: Pastor Lee Bowman (Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Mannington, West Virginia); Dr. Scott Tewell (Pastor of Rosedale Baptist Church, Baltimore MD); Dr. Tom Sexton (Pastor of Gulf Coast Baptist Church Cape Coral FL); and Pastor Mike Creed (Pastor of Independent Baptist Church, Clinton MD).

Travis Gravley’s Ordination — June 27, 2009

Travis Gravley, Baptist Mid-Missions missionary (currently on deputation) to the gypsies in Romania, will be ordained on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at Emmanuel Baptist Chruch.  The times are 9 AM until Noon.  Contact the church office for details (717-761-7000). Emmanuel is Travis’ home and sending church.

Read a great article from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (aka Central West) on the need for participation in ordination councils HERE.